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Total Dental Consulting Solutions

Champion Dentists

Attain Excellence in your Dental Practice:
The Path of Champions.

At Champion Dentists, our unwavering commitment is to cultivate champion-level dentists and dental practices. We are driven by a profound mission to provide unparalleled business advisory services, designed to propel you towards becoming a true champion in the field of dentistry.

We understand that being a champion in the dental industry requires more than just clinical skills; it necessitates a deep understanding of business principles and strategies. With Champion Dentists by your side, your practice will transform into a thriving, sustainable business, and you'll be well on your way to becoming a true champion in the world of dentistry.

Transform Your Practice

Winning Team Productivity
Game Changing Patient Care
Remarkable Revenue Growth
All Star Level Profitability

About Champion Dentists

Our seasoned Coaches and Business Advisors boast decades of dental industry expertise, having successfully guided hundreds of practices to championship-caliber outcomes using time-tested, winning strategies.

Our primary focus revolves around supporting you and your team in crafting an unwaveringly consistent, champion-quality patient experience. This approach not only guarantees heightened patient satisfaction but also nurtures steadfast patient loyalty. We help you achieve dental practice excellence, the Champion’s Way!

Accounts Receivable & Billing
Business Strategy
Communication and Workflow
Compliance & Regulatory
Clinical Operations
Hiring, Training & Scheduling
Insurance Claims Management
Marketing Guidance
New Patient Growth Strategies
Office & Staff Management
Office & Staff Management
Patient Experience
Patient Records Handling
Practice Management Systems
Reception & Patient Management
Referral Programs
Scheduling & Appointments
Software & Technology

Get started on your championship
journey with our EASY 4-step process

1) Discovery Call

We begin every potential relationship with a free Discovery Call to meet the dentist and gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics and challenges faced by each practice. We ask questions. We listen and we learn.

2) On-site Assessment

If deemed a good fit, we can then schedule an onsite in-person assessment called a “Dental Practice Health Check.” This is where we gather data, observe and begin to develop a treatment plan for addressing issuesidentified within the practice

3) Business Treatment Plan

Based on the information gathered, we formulate a customized Business Treatment Plan, outlining specific strategies and recommendations to address the client's challenges and achieve their unique practice goals

4) Monitor Results

In order to ensure the Business Treatment Plan is effective and the results are fully transparent, we continuously monitor and analyze the outcomes of our implemented solutions, fine-tuning as needed to ensure optimal performance and clientsatisfaction.

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